Golden City Council to meet Thursday, Dec. 15 on proposed Jefferson Parkway issue but vote on proposed agreement has been postponed

Golden City Council to meet Thursday, Dec. 15 on proposed Jefferson Parkway issue but vote on proposed agreement has been postponed

Dec. 13, 2011 — The Golden City Council’s special meeting on the Jefferson Parkway issue will take as place as previously announced this Thursday (Dec. 15) but the Council will not vote on the proposed agreement with Arvada, Jefferson County, the Jefferson Parkway Public Highway Authority and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Although the elements of the agreement have been outlined (see latest summary below or attached) the final language of a legal pact is still being drafted by attorneys representing the various entities.

As a result, the City Council’s Thursday meeting will become a community briefing and update on the issue. The city will discuss the status of the agreement and will take public comment on it.  The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 911 10th Street in Golden.

“Because the language of the proposed agreement hasn’t been finalized, we’ll postpone a vote until that document is available for careful review by Golden citizens and the City Council,” said Golden Mayor Jacob Smith. “But we encourage citizens who want to learn more about this or want to share their views to attend Thursday’s meeting.”

The City will announce the date for the City Council vote on the agreement as soon as that’s scheduled. There will be public comment at that meeting as well.  The very latest information will be posted when it becomes available at and  Citizens who want to receive updates on this issue by email should fill out the form at

Transportation and Mitigation Agreement

December 12, 2011 In an effort to collaboratively address regional transportation and mitigation needs representatives of the City of Golden, the City of Arvada, Jefferson County, Jefferson Public Parkway Highway Authority (JPPHA), and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), are recommending to their governing bodies a proposed agreement that:

  • Recognizes the need for mitigation in the City of Golden for traffic impacts of any new Jefferson Parkway construction;
  • Commits  $57 million in current dollars to address traffic, noise and air pollution mitigation in Golden before the construction on the Jefferson Parkway. The Jefferson Parkway will be permitted to ‘move dirt’ only after the $57 million for has been committed for the mitigation projects in Golden. The mitigation projects are:
    • Construction of a grade-separated interchange at US 6 and 19th Street, estimated at $25 million.
    • Relocation and upgrading SH93 to four lanes for the section from SH 58 to north of the Golden city limits, estimated at $25 million.
    • Implementation of noise mitigation along parts of SH 93, estimated at $7 million.
  • Contributes $9.2 million in an escrow account for the express purpose of implementing the specified transportation mitigation projects in the City of Golden. $1.5 million of the funds may be used by Golden to immediately begin design of the mitigation projects.  The remainder of the funds may be accessed when the Jefferson Parkway is approved and funded to be built;
  • Removes the City of Golden’s competing application for Right-of-Way at the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge and removes the City of Golden’s opposition to the Jefferson Parkway;
  • Facilitates regional cooperation to address additional long-term transportation needs of all parties with agreement to pursue best efforts to identify long-term solutions that balance transportation, community, and economic needs;
  • Implements the agreement before the end of 2011 as required by the Section 16 land purchase agreement at Rocky Flats;
  • An agreement with CDOT on roadway design principles within the City of Golden limits, including a commitment to work together before making roadway changes that impact speed limits, noise levels, and community connectivity;
  • Requires adequate and safe dust control for construction of the Jefferson Parkway;
  • Provides that none of the Parties shall take any steps to reduce capacity or maintenance on SH 93, SH 128, and SH 72;
  • Provides assurance of the terms of the Agreement through CDOT;
  • CDOT will work with the City of Golden to secure a “bridge” loan to advance the funds for the U.S. 6 and 19th interchange so that construction can begin as soon as possible if and when JPPHA reaches a concession agreement for the Jefferson Parkway;
  • Seeks commitments from:
    • The State of Colorado Governor’s Office to support the agreement and expeditiously secure funding for three mitigation projects.
    • Members of the Colorado Congressional Delegation to support this Agreement, including supporting grant applications and other efforts.
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