Golden City Council to consider Jefferson Parkway agreement at special meeting on Dec. 15

Golden City Council to consider Jefferson Parkway agreement at special meeting on Dec. 15

Agreement would provide $57 million for mitigation and transportation improvements for Golden

Dec. 9, 2011 — Negotiations between the City of Golden, Arvada, Jefferson County, the Jefferson Public Parkway Highway Authority, Broomfield, and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have resulted in the terms of a proposed agreement that will be considered by the Golden City Council at a special meeting on Thursday, Dec. 15. The negotiations were convened earlier this year by Governor John Hickenlooper and CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt in an effort to resolve a long-running conflict between neighboring jurisdictions.

Golden Mayor Jacob Smith and City Manager Mike Bestor, who represented the City over months of negotiations, are recommending that City Council approve the agreement assuming the final details are consistent with our expectations.

The City Council meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 911 10th Street, Golden.  City Council encourages public testimony and comment, in person or in writing, prior to the Council vote. Comments can be emailed to

Under the agreement, construction on the proposed Jefferson Parkway would be permitted only after $57 million is secured to address traffic mitigation in Golden.  In exchange for this commitment, Golden would agree to stop opposing the Jefferson Parkway and remove its competing application for right-of-way at the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge.

More details will be posted to and as they become available before the City Council meeting. Golden citizens who want to receive emails with the latest information in the coming days should fill out the form on the homepage at

In February, the Golden City Council unanimously approved a motion to continue negotiations over the Jefferson Parkway.  At that vote, the City Council considered comments from three hours of public testimony, an earlier series of four community meetings attended by a total of 470 people, and submitted through The comments from the community meetings and will be provided to the City Council as part of their packets for the Dec. 15 meeting.

The February motion supported continuing negotiations towards a binding Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA). It directed city staff to “to seek an enhanced IGA that will provide greater certainty of funding for the priority elements of the Muller Plan; addresses noise and other pollution mitigation and monitoring for northern neighborhoods, including Mitchell Elementary; addresses improvements to Highway 93 north of Golden; addresses improvement of other arterials outside the city limits to disburse traffic; includes provisions for no non-compete agreements that will impact travel on other alternative roadways that serve the area; requires CDOT be a part of the process and agreement; addresses Rocky Flats contamination issues, particularly during construction if it occurs; and addresses timing of key roadway improvements in Golden and sequencing of those improvements before parkway construction begins.”

“This is a good agreement to fund the transportation improvements and mitigation Golden needs to protect the interests of Golden citizens. We’re recommending that the City Council approve it,” said Golden City Manager Mike Bestor.

“We had an extensive community outreach effort, we listened carefully, and we adopted a negotiating position reflecting what we heard,” he added. “Now we have an agreement that does what the community and City Council asked for.”

“We appreciate the leadership of Gov. John Hickenlooper and CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt, who helped bring the different parties to the table work constructively towards an agreement,” said Golden Mayor Jacob Smith.  “However, it’s not final until we work out the remaining details and unless it’s endorsed by the Golden City Council and the other entities who participated in the negotiations. The dynamics of this issue require that the Golden City Council consider the agreement within a very short timetable. We’re committed to ensuring that Golden citizens receive additional details as soon as they’re available.”

* Note: This issue is changing very quickly. We will post all new information as soon as it is available. The other pages on this site can be used as a reference to the process we’ve gone through to get to where we are today.

Transportation and Mitigation Agreement

December 8, 2011In an effort to collaboratively address regional transportation and mitigation needs, representatives of City of Golden, Jefferson County, City of Arvada, Jefferson Public Parkway Highway Authority (JPPHA) and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), are recommending to their governing bodies a proposed agreement that:

  • Recognizes the need for mitigation in the City of Golden for traffic impacts of  any new Jefferson Parkway construction;
  • Commits  $57 million to address traffic mitigation before the construction on the Jefferson Parkway;
  • Immediately contributes $9.2 million in an escrow account to be used for implementing the mitigation projects; Golden may use up to $1.5 million immediately for the design of the mitigation projects;
  • Removes the City of Golden’s competing application for Right-of-Way at the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge and removes the City of Golden’s opposition to the Jefferson Parkway;
  • Facilitates regional cooperation to address additional long-term transportation needs of all parties;
  • Implements the agreement before the end of 2012 as required by the Section 16 land purchase agreement at Rocky Flats
  • Provides assurance of the terms of the Agreement though CDOT.

In summary, the Jefferson Parkway will be permitted to ‘move dirt’ only after the $57M for has been secured/committed for the mitigation projects in Golden; the Jefferson Parkway will not financially support any of Golden’s projects unless and until they have a concession for the project.

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