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A: Golden's proposed improvements to Hwy93 may just work in town, but there is one major flaw from what I can see. What stops CDOT from building a gigantic superhighway from the north right up to the Golden city limits (but in Jeffco), which could easily cause traffic in Golden to surpass the 70,000 limit? In that case, CDOT then has the right to add lanes to the improved Hwy93. This is the scenario which Golden residents have always tried to avoid. I have a hard time envisioning a 6-lane highway not producing more than the 70,000 limit. The southbound traffic has to go somewhere, right, and I doubt they will head westbound on 2 2-lane highways in the canyons. Any plan has to address Jeffco north of Golden, or CDOT/Jeffco will continue to put Golden in their crosshairs for a superhighway. 5/9/2013

Q: How does the recent work to move SH-128 North by 400 feet in order to comply with federal runway safety area guidelines (RSA) affect the Jefferson Parkway? It seems that the current alignment passes right through where 128 is being moved from. 5/6/2013

Q: What is the current traffic volume (or last measured including the date recorded) that relates to the threshold statement Section 1B #5 of the Draft? 5/4/2013

Q: Golden approved the development of the Mountain Ridge community. Why wouldn't Golden fight to avoid significant negative noise, visual, traffic flow and community access impacts on that neighborhood? 5/3/2013

Q: In order to protect Mitchell Elementary children from undue pollution impacts at recess, and to connect the Mountain Ridge community to town given widening and increased traffic flow, plus the eventual 3 lane highways between it and Highway 93, a tunnel was conceived that covered the proposed Parkway. What justification was used to eliminate that option in the revised plan? 5/3/2013

Q: Three questions: 1) What type of measures will be implemented as part of the proposed plan to mitigate sound and visual impacts at the intersection of 6/93 and 58? 2) Will CDOT be condemning private property as part of this proposed highway construction project along 58 or 93? 3) Are major grade separation structures proposed at current CDOT property boundaries in the local of the intersection of 58 with 93/6? 5/3/2013

Q: CDOT is actively considering submerging I-70 near the Purina plant downtown to connect neighborhoods with fields and improve the quality of life. Why isn't the same being considered as relates to the Mountain Ridge community, or the 19th and Highway 6 intersection (Beverly Hills)? 5/3/2013

Q: Can the Jefferson County Highway Authority plan to construct the Jefferson County Parkway, which will intersect north of Pine Ridge and widen 93 and 6th Ave to Golden, not be stopped? This is the only reason I can understand that Golden would seek out negotiations and 'improvements' to 93 and 6 that include widening to 4 lanes and inviting a greater divide of our community. 5/2/2013

Q: I have two questions: 1. Would the new intersection at 19th and 6th be built by digging and lowering 6th Ave, or is the proposal to build up 19th to go over the existing highway? 2. If 6th will be lowered, is it possible to determine how the grade will be changed over the next half mile north of this intersection? We are trying to understand what effect this would have on noise levels. 5/1/2013

Q: Now that this proposed "Jefferson Parkway toll road" bill has been withdrawn from this year's legislative session, when is the earliest that this bill (or a similar one) could be re-introduced to the state legislature? Also, what were the details of the proposed bill? 7/4/12

Q: What are Managed Lanes? 12/14/11

Q: The city has consistently said that the Jefferson Parkway is a bad idea that won’t improve the region’s transportation system and will encourage sprawl. Do you still believe that’s true and, if so, why wouldn’t you continue to oppose it? 12/12/11

Q: What about plutonium along the Jefferson Parkway route? 12/12/11

Q: Is Highway 93N going to be moved to the west after passing Washington Street? 2/24/11

Q: Why is this webpage allowed to be one sided? Everything said supports Golden rejecting the beltway. Why is that allowed on a website that is supposed to give equal opinion on both sides of the arguement? 2/23/11

Q: Why did the City of Golden go back on their word, that they gave to the state when the state moved SH93 off of Washington St., to not do any developement west of the re-aligned SH93? 2/23/11

Q: Are you looking to extend Mesa (on the east side of 93 across from Golden Gate Canyon Rd.) towards Ford St.? 2/14/11

Q: Why is it necessary to move the highway westward at the intersection of 93 and Pine Ridge Rd versus expanding the existing highway? 2/8/11

Q: I keep hearing 5 or 6 miles north is where the big parkway or toll road would end, but where is this point? Is there a cross road you can tell us? What is the chance the underpass for 19th and Hwy 6 would be funded/built if we agree to the compromise? 2/8/11

Q: If we drop our opposition to the beltway through Arvada, does that mean we are dropping our opposition to the beltway as a 6 lane road coming through Golden in the future? 2/8/11

Q: I continue to be curious on how Golden thinks it can stop the inevitable from happening as the pathway of traffic from US 6 and I-70 will follow this natural corridor regardless of how much opposition Golden throws in front of it. 2/8/11

Q: Did anyone ever warn the folks that bought homes to the north and west of the Hwy 93/US 6 intersection that it has been obvious for as long as people lived in the area that this is the natural and most logical route for a traditional beltway through the area? 2/8/11

Q: What is Golden going to do to influence CDOT, Jeffco, and Arvada, who have conspired with Golden to use this stretch of road (Hwy 93 from Hwy 72 to the Rocky Flats west entrance) as a pawn in their silly Parkway games for decades. 2/8/11

Q: How will routes 93 and 6, that run thru Golden, be modified to handle the increased traffic volumes (auto and commercial) that will result south of the 93-tollroad intersection? 2/3/11

Q: What will be done to limit development and protect the vistas of the front range (Flat Irons) west of 93 between Golden and Boulder? 2/3/11

Q: In the interests if full disclosure, the public should be told who is behind the new beltway highway. Can you tell us who is supporting the beltway - trucking industry, commercial developers, etc. ? 2/3/11

Q: Will a portion of Indiana Blvd. be tolled as a result of this? 2/3/11

Q: The proposed intersection at 6th and 19 St. does not separate pedestrians and traffic and whittles down the traffic flow to 1 lane going west. How is this a good idea? Why isn't a pedestrian bridge (like the others in Golden) the most cost effective method of traffic flow and safety? 2/1/11

Q: Is RTD in on planning? Current rail system from Fed Center to Jeffco offices is for one rail. There are already too many cost overruns on this project. 2/1/11

Q: The drawing of planned improvements at 19th street show a possible light rail system extension along Hwy. 93. This is the first I've seen of this, and it's not included in any other drawings that I saw, nor have I noted any substantive discussion about it. 2/1/11

Q: Why does Boulder care about Section 16? 2/1/11

Q: Why is there no comment page on this website? If you say you want feedback, why not make it available right here? 1/28/11

Q: What will the intersection of 93 and Washington look like? It appears that the commercial buildings just north (the Seven 11 area) are gone. Could you elaborate. 1/28/11

Q: Lets assume Golden does strike a deal with Jeffco and makes the improvements noted. The march of progress may dictate that the parkway eventually be completed at some point in the future. Does the city have enough control over zoning around the CO93/US6 roadway to discourage the type of development that would split the city? 1/25/11

Q: What is the source of funds for implementing the $100M+ Muller Plan, and what is the timing for receipt of those funds? 1/25/11

Q: Where is the open space north of Golden that would be protected? Do you mean Section 16 at SH 72 and SH 93 or some other area? 1/25/11

Q: If the Parkway is built, will I still have the option to use Hwy 93 off of Pine Ridge Rd. or will I be required to use the Parkway and pay a toll? 1/25/11

Q: Once the parkway is in place and the Muller/Golden plan has been completed, is the extended plan to have the light rail extend around Golden and up to Boulder? Also, what is to stop CDOT or the highway transit authority from enforcing eminent domain on the corridor and eventually turning it into six lanes? 1/24/11

Q: Why are we having this conversation about a potential agreement now? 1/24/11

Q: What source and amount of money have the Jeffco commissioners blocked from going to make improvements to 6 and 93 in Golden? 1/24/11

Q: If an agreement with JeffCo is reached and both the beltway and the Golden plans are implemented, what are the projected start and completion dates? Are plans being considered for a bicycle path from 470 to Boulder? It would be nice for two bike friendly cities to be connected by bike paths rather than dangerous roads such as Hwy 93. 1/21/11

Q: Why do the Jeffco commissioners want Golden to stop all opposition to the Jefferson Parkway toll road? 1/21/11

Q: Why does the mayor say that the city must sue now? 1/21/11

Q: Has there been any expert evaluation/assessment of the "parkways" effect on home values in Golden? We live in Beverly Heights, close to 6th Ave. Even the Muller Plan seems to place the roadway much closer than it is now. What effect will this have on home values? 1/20/11

Q: My impression was the Muller Plan was intended to be part of a larger regional plan for improvements, including Indiana & Ward - with the Jefferson Parkway these improvements would be impossible. If the Jefferson Parkway went ahead, wouldn't that make our Muller Plan a lot less effective as part of the regional traffic plan? I'm assuming the NWQFS in 2000 wasn't done just for kicks...? Also, where can I read the *entire* Muller Plan? 1/20/11

Q: Regarding the Jefferson Parkway do-not-compete clause: Would Golden be restricted in any way from making transportation improvements within its city limits by such a clause? Is this type of clause really constitutional where it has been used before? 1/19/11

Q: Can you place the Muller Plan document on the website? 1/19/11

Q: I would like to know what the benefit of moving Highway 93 in the area of Pine Ridge Road would be, as stated in Golden's Plan? Also, to exit from that end of Pine Ridge, would you have to go down Catamount, to Golden Gate Canyon? Finally, if the highway would be two lanes in each direction, in order to exit from 56th street, would any improvement be made there? (I know it's not in Golden, but it is affected by this plan). 1/19/11

Q: Why is the City considering an agreement with Jefferson County?

Q: If the City were to reach an agreement with Jefferson County, what would it look like?

Q: How is the City approaching this issue? What is our best guess on plans to improve SH 93 in the future? What about improvements to McIntyre? Where do either of these fit into future transportation plans?

Q: Projecting far ahead, if we made the improvements in Golden AND the toll road was completed AND we saw more development north of Golden, what might we be looking at in terms of traffic congestion as well as air and sound pollution? Does fighting the toll road potentially mitigate this, and to what degree?

Q: What is the likelihood that transportation improvements in Golden (the package that's known as Golden's Plan or the Muller Plan) will occur with or without a Jefferson Parkway deal?

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